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Judy NorburyJudy Norbury: Comox Valley Performer
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Judy Norbury - Comox Valley, Vancouver Island, BC

Memoirs of IndiaMemoirs of India

Mary Hargreaves Norbury, Judy�s mother, had written a memoir about the years their family had spent in India. Judy fulfilled a long-held dream to go back to her first home by returning to India in 1997 and again in 2007 on a quest of self-discovery. Through these experiences, she was inspired to continue her mother�s manuscript with a book entitled Come Back, Judy Baba: Memoirs of India. These stories are told side-by-side, contrasting time periods and perspectives.

To purchase, contact Judy through judynorbury@shaw.ca

Sometimes I Kiss My FeetSometimes I Kiss My Feet: Wheelchair Adventures in Pakistan and India

Now available on Amazon, Judy's second Memoir: Sometimes I Kiss My feet: Wheelchair Adventures in Pakistan and India in paperback and eBook.

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Judy Norbury

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