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CD Review For Did You Find the Door

CD Cover - Judy Norbury, Did You Find The DoorOn Did You Find The Door, the songs are open, friendly, funny and powerful in turn. The music, played by some of Vancouver Island’s best, is irresistible and sweet.

Judy’s music is planted in the soil of the Anglo-American folk tradition, and her strongest songs can seem traditional, smooth and simple, as if from years of handling.

It’s hard to know if Right Side is actually an adaptation of an old song, or an original that sprang forth already aged in the wood. It sounds as if the Carter Family must have sung it.

Gypsy Song, dances with rebellious glee, over and over, a children’s chant gone seriously wild, as Norbury hypnotically re-makes the old rhymes into her own.

Ballad of a Soldier balances on a fine point between celebration and lament for a fallen young man who had painted the names of his repertoire on his old guitar case.

Mr. Bradley is a poke in the eye to a long-ago music teacher who stopped Judy from appearing on stage because of her wheelchair. I dare you not to laugh when she sings “Mr. Bradley look at me now!”

Fresh Horses is a clarion call to travel and change that beguiles the listener into the mythical world of journeys of the soul. (The light-hearted yodelling only adds to the spell.)

Heart of Innocence is a melody that deserves to live forever.

In The Game They Call Love, the fiddle reels drunkenly and the rhythm drives on, unstoppable. It is spellbinding and seductive.

Norbury’s musicians are skilful, full of energy and quick to find a groove. These players lift each tune into full-bodied life with no audible effort. The music picks you up and carries you from the beginning note to the last.

The production (by Todd Butler) is clean and tasteful, technically adept, and quite invisible, which makes it perfect.

Judy Norbury-vocals, dulcimer
Todd Butler-guitars, harmony vocals, bass, banjo
Trent Freeman-violin
John Reischman-mandolin
Tammy Fassaert-stand-up bass
Tracy Myers-percussion
Steve Dawson-dobro
Joanna Finch-harmony vocals, penny whistle, melodica

Purchase Information:
By $20 cheque or money order to:
Judy Norbury
3256 Royston Road,
Courtenay, BC, V9N9R3

Available from:
Sound Advice
1170 Cliffe Ave. Courtenay, BC

Bop City Records
211 Simms Street, Courtenay,BC

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